CONVETT srl, a family owned company founded in 1981 by Mrs Margherita Carta Veller, is a worldwide recognized manufacturer of cooling systems for power and distribution transformers.
Our mission is the continuous improvement in all our strengths which are the innovation, the quality, the flexibility and the service, with a particular attention to the competitiveness. A short description of our milestones shows how we follow the mission since 1981:

  • 1981 – the company was founded
  • 1985 – first radiators automatic line
  • 1990 – second radiators automatic line
  • 1991 – start up of production of corrugated walls with the 2nd worldwide LAE complete machine
  • 1995 – certified as meeting the ISO requirements
  • 2000 – built a brand new plant of 3500 m2 with 400m2 of offices
  • 2000 – second corrugated walls automatic lines
  • 2001 – water based painting process change from solvent base
  • 2005 – start up of production of OFAF systems and new company CONVETT OIL FORCED
  • 2006 – new painting equipment with a water base technology by immersion
  • 2008 – new LAE corrugated walls press and seam welder
  • 2009 – third radiators automatic line with Robot technology
  • 2009 – new LAE spot welding and strip welding machine
  • 2010 – New automatic line for welding the radiators elements
  • 2010 – New equipment for finned tubes for heat exchangers
  • 2011 – New four step degreasing tunnel in the painting shop
  • 2012 – Implemented an occupational health and safety management following the BS OHSAS 18001 guidelines
  • 2013 – New strip welding machine
  • 2014 – Certification of the Management System of Safety and Health at Work OHSAS 18001: 2007.

During the last two years CONVETT srl restructure the company in a major way and invested in

  • new equipments and automatic assembly lines (in all the three products)
  • human resources (recruiting and training),
  • safety and quality

Convett managing director is now  Giuseppe Veller (MBA, Bachelor in Electrical Eng.)  who came from a long international experience around the world before succesfully taking over the company operations.
We now offer the entire range of cooling systems from the corrugated walls, the radiators and the oil forced-air forced heat exchangers. These products are exported to East and West Europe, North and South Africa, the far East and South America.