CONVETT srl has two fully automatic corrugated walls pressing and welding machines for distribution transformers, one is a brand new LAE machine, with all the state of the art technologies.
We can manufacture corrugated walls with “super onda” profile, with spot welding, with strip.
Convett has already manufacture corrugated walls for 6MVA transformers, with 1 side corrugated wall with a weight of 1.000 Kg .
We are capable to load any type of container, and we can provide you the packing list and the layout of the container in order to optimize your shipping cost.
The packaging for international Shipping is carried out with particular attention to protect the product against rust (with antirust oil and nylon) and against damages (anchoring the pallets to the container very accurately).
We usually load one piece inside the other one, as in the figure below, to optimize the space available either on the truck or on the container.
To obtain this packaging, sometimes we weld no reinforcement rods and sometimes only one. 

Following the indications on the customer’s drawings, all kinds of bending may be carried out, on either side of the wall or on the whole wall, so that the tank construction may be completed with only one weld.

 Embossing of the Corrugated Walls

The embossing has been designed to make the corrugated walls more robust, especially in the big tanks, where the pressure of the oil is important, and where the depth of the thins (P) is high. There are some standard measures of depth of the thin which allows to have one, two or three embossing. (see the chart below). But it is possible also decide to have one or two of the possible embossing: for instance in a 400mm high thin, it is possible to have only the internal embossing @ 60mmm, and not the other two @160mm and 260mm.
The embossing can be spot welded or not. If you decide to spot weld the embossing, you reduce the quantity of oil needed in the transformer, but you make the tank more rigid. That is why, in particular in the hermetic tanks, you need to pay attention to maintain always some flexibility on the walls, allowing the tank to ‘breath’. If you spot weld the three embossing in the hermetic tanks you might have some problems of rupture of the coil by fatigue in the points spot welded.

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