Our equipments can spot weld on the bottom of the corrugated walls a metal strip 15mm x 1.18mm
This metal strip improves:

    1. the welding of the corrugated walls (no imperfection on the bottom of the wall, profile perfectly straight),
    2. the productivity of the carpentry shop (in the area where the carpentry weld the corrugated wall with the tank the thickness is not 1.2mm but it becomes 2.4 mm, 1.2 for the corrugated wall sheet, and 1.2 for the metal strip; this bigger thickness allows the operator to increase the welding current parameters and the linear speed of welding, reducing the welding time)
    3.  the robustness of the wall, in fact the corrugated wall is reinforced in the weakest point (where the thin has the 90 degrees angle) with the strip, improving the mechanical endurance under a vibration and mechanical shock test