Accessories and Special requirements

Unless otherwise indicated, the radiators will be equipped with the following accessories:

1.Steel rod side reinforcements with a diameter of 8 mm follow our standard corresponding:
– From 800mm up to 1200mm no reinforcements
– From 1200mm up to 2200mm one reinforcements
– From 2300mm up to 3000mm two reinforcements
– From 3100mm up to 3500mm three reinforcements

2.Two flanges with diameter of 80 mm.

3.Two lifting lugs (one above and one below).

4.Two punched plates with a diameter of 10 mm. (one above and one below) to join the assembled radiators together.

5.Two 14 MA caps, one above for breather and one below for discharge.

6.One stainless steel washer welded to a hole in the flange so as to ensure metallic continuity (galvanic contact) between the radiator/tank and earth.

7. Rubber caps

On request:

  • fan attachments per your drawings (steel and Aisi)
  • supply of radiator without flanges
  • specific attachments to the transformer: radiator parallel to the transformer
  • lowered external elements per customer drawing
  • DIN breather and discharge caps
  • whatever else may be required by the customer